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Lucy Borne -

Setting up Domains is an 'Optional Configuration' step and not essential to running Automations out of your Agency Revolution system.  This step can be tricky and will likely require an IT professional or someone in your office who is fairly tech savvy and familiar with your DNS (Domain Name Server).

(Domain Name Server or DNS - is the company through which you purchased your website URL - two of the most common companies are GoDaddy and Network Solutions)

You can at least start the process by validating your email address.

1. Click on the yellow 'Not validated' button as illustrated below:

2. Enter the first part of your email address - or the email address someone can log into and click on a link inside their email.  Once you have entered your email - click 'VALIDATE'.  In the example below I have added 'lucy' to so when I click 'VALIDATE' and email will be send to

3.  After you click 'VALIDATE' go to your email in box and look for an email from the system - asking you to click the link inside the email.  Click on 'complete this process' inside the email.

4. Once you have clicked on the email link  - and your email has been validated - click on the 'NEXT' button:

5.  You can now move on to Step 2 'Update Sending DNS'.  In the example below - the first step has been completed as shown by the green shield and check mark.  The second one has not.

What you are doing in this step is finding the 'TXT' field within your Domain Name Server  - cutting and pasting in the 'host name' which is your website URL and then cutting and pasting the 'Value' or code to the right into the correct field within your DNS.  The trickiest part is finding where the TXT fields are within your DNS.

6. The Final step is to 'Update Tracking DNS' - Again, it's cutting and pasting.  Be aware that if you already have a 'CNAME' in use - you may want to check to make sure it's okay to change out the one that is there.  We would hate for any of your email delivery to be disrupted.

Once complete - emails will send directly from your domain and not 'via' as in the example below.  

If you have any further questions please reach out - but know that this step may require you access your DNS host support system for more in depth trouble shooting.


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