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Lucy Borne -

Once inside a specific Account you will have access to lots of valuable information.  The main page of contact within the Accounts section looks like this:

Here you can quickly see number of active policies on record, the client status, the total premium, account type and basic contact information.

You can also view the latest activity on the account and if any information or data has changed after a recent data update.

If you click on any of those events  you can view expanded details on each event.

Above this activity you can click on each individual tab to see more information about POLICIES, CLAIMS, RESPONSES, AUTOMATIONS, and DATA that has been pulled from your agency management field.

Learning your way around these tabs inside each client account is very helpful when trying to understand why an individual was or was not added to any given automation.

For extra help - don't forget about our in app chat function in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

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