Uploading Your TAM Report for Integration

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Uploading Your TAM Report for Integration

If you need assistance running your TAM report, please follow the guide HERE. Once your report is ready and saved to your computer, you'll want to upload it into the Engine. To do this:

  1. Navigate to your Agency Revolution hosted portal URL or DIO URL (www.exampleagency.com), scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the "sign in" link.​

  2. Use website credentials to log into the page. (if you're going to be running reports regularly you may want to consider getting your own set of credentials if you don't have any yet.​

  3. Once signed in, you should notice an "admin bar" at the top of the page. Click on "Tools" and then "Integration Center" in the admin bar.

  4. A pop-up will appear which includes a blue button that says "Upload TAM file". Click that button.

  5. On the next page you'll see another blue button that states "Click to Upload or Drop File". Click on that button, navigate to the TAM report file you created, and double-click on the TAM file.

  6. The system will verify the file, and then say "So far so good! Let's import the file now. This will be quick." It will display a green button that says "Go" on it. Click the green button.

  7. The report will upload and you should be all set! If there are any issues along the way with processing the file, you may see an error with the option to "report the issue". Make sure that if you do see this error for any reason, that you click on the link to report the issue. We'll be notified that there was a problem right away, and can assist.

That should do it! Your report is uploaded. Depending on the file size and the amount of data, it may take several minutes to an hour or more to process the data, but if you're uploading regularly, expect the data to enter your Engine account quickly. If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out any time by way of telephone, email, or support ticket.

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