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The information and strategies we provide about Link Buying may get you blocked from Google and maybe permanently.

Matt Cutts, Google's Director of Search Engine Spam strongly discourages the practice of Link Buying.

By using these sites, you understand the risk and agree to hold Agency Revolution harmless against any possible legal action. Agency Revolution will not pay you money should these strategies cost you money. Further, we won't compensate you in any way if these strategies damage your business.

(For more information from Matt Cutts, please see

On the positive side, carefully buying links has been known to increase traffic from Google.

At Text Link Ad's and Text Link Broker's you will have a point of contact. You will let them know the category of interest. Example, you can tell them you want everything for "Insurance". They will send you a list of websites with statistics and price. You will need to sort the sites and visit them to make sure they are relevant and have very little or no spam on their site whatsoever.

Digital Point Forums you will need to request sites for the Insurance Industry or search for people selling links for the Insurance Industry. Before buying a link from someone, you can review their Reviews and Statistics to see if they are trustworthy. You will not send money to them through paypal, you go through an actual system. This process is hidden from Google for the most part. I wouldn't be surprised if Google checks out links people post in the forum manually.


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