Where Do I Start?

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It's very important to start Link Building. Quality incoming links show Search Engines people trust you and like your site. More quality sites linking to you will have the Search Engines TRUST you more which leads to better rankings. With quality sites linking to you can help build Trust and can help to better rankings.


Where Links Should Point To On Their DIO From Third-Party Sites

When Link Building, you should always try to have the third-party web site link from their homepage to your homepage. If you cannot get a link from their homepage, that is fine, just make sure the page they are linking your Digital Insurance Office from is pointing to your homepage.

The only time you do not want a third-party website to link to your homepage is if they tell you:

  • They will not
  • You are trying to promote or push rankings up for a specific page

When filling out Citations (Directory Listings) you should always list your main Domain Name and not your internal pages.


What The Links Should Say

Anchor Text:
Anchor text are the words someone clicks on when they see a link. Anchor text is important because these are the words Google also sees when it searches the Internet for sites. If you anchor text say “Oregon car insurance” then Google will know that you are relevant to that category.

When getting links from third-party web sites, make sure to tell them the Words you want in the Anchor Text (Your Keyword) as well as the Title Text (Description of link or keyword) for the Anchor Text Link and the Destination URL (What page you want to send the visitor to on your DIO).

Example of the Code:

<a href=”http://www.mostins.com/insurance-quotes/auto-insurance” title=”free tampa auto insurance quote”>Tampa Auto Insurance</a>

<a href=”http://www.mostins.com” title=”tampa auto insurance”>Most Insurance</a>


How To Ask For Links

Some websites you can email them asking for a link from their site to your site. Other sites you might just need to create an account and fully fill out your profile and don't forget to put your Domain Name in your profile so it links back to your site. Another option is to call the Company you want a link back from. I only suggest calling them if you have a good relationship with them, or there is no way of emailing them or creating a profile on their site.

One thing to keep in mind, when you are asking someone for a link from their site, they will want the same, a link from your site to theirs. You can create a new page in your Contact Us section and label it as Partners and list them there. You can even add code to the link so the Search Engines do not follow the link to their page, this means they will not take any page juice or link juice away from your site and pass it on to them. If you are writing the Company an email, make sure you tell them how this can benefit them. One way is by telling them they are supporting a local business or their local community, or you can link back to them. Be creative in your emails.

Where To Get Quality Local Links

  • Local Community Organizations
  • Local Newspaper(s) Website
  • Local Magazine(s) Website
  • Local Chamber of Commerce Website
  • Local Library Website
  • Local Visitor Center Website
  • Government Links are Gold!
  • Write an article for a local newspaper or hyperlocal blog
  • Donate to a charity and ask for a link in return (Gold!)
  • Local directories (There are thousands, unique to each community)

Where To Get Quality Links

  • Insurance Blogs
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Create Interesting Blog Content
  • Ask your Carriers and Partners
  • Top Commercial Clients
  • Industry Affinities

Where To Get Links

  • Localeze (Highly Recommended)
  • Acxiom
  • InfoUSA
  • City Search
  • Merchant Circle
  • Hot Frog
  • Get Listed
  • AboutUs.org - Create an AboutUs page and request a "do follow" link after you complete the page
  • DMoz.org - Click the link and choose where the you reside, Link to DMOZ then when you get to the point of location for your business, in the top navigation, click "Suggest URL"
  • AGreaterTown.com - Create a profile account. Steps to do in order for best results in rankings:
    1. Company Logo
    2. Website URL
    3. Info About Your Company
    4. Google Map
    5. Testimonials
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