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Important Information:

Go to Google Maps and type in your Company Name City State, see how many listings you have, if you have multiple listings in the same area, you will need to take ownership of those accounts and condense them to a single account. Once you have verified the accounts, you can tell Google to delete them completely. If you have multiple accounts in a single location, it can confuse Google which one to use, and your Google Places Accounts can get messed up from Google trying to merge information across to all accounts. If this happens, you need to go to Google Forums and ask them to un-merge accounts. Link to Google Places Account Forum

When removing your multiple Google Place Accounts, make sure it is verified first, then remove from map, then remove from account.


  • Assume the Search Engines are not smart.
  • Name, Address, Phone all need to be consistent across all citations
  • Example: ABC Insurance Agency or ABC Insurance
  • Example, Circle is not the same as Cir. The same goes for Ave and Avenue, Street and St, etc.
  • Phone needs to be your Local Number and NOT your Toll Free Number.
  • P.O. Box and Toll Free Numbers are not allowed, Google states in their Policy they can remove your listing if these are in your profile.
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    Lucas Jans

    This is a really great video. Thanks Kevin! 

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