08. Competitive Citation Research

Kevin Chow -



  • Stay a head of your competition
  • Review your competitors NAP
  • Use their citations
Find one of your competitors in Google Places. When you find one of your competitors in Google Places, grab their Address.
Open another "Tab" in your browser, go to: www.google.com and paste your competitors Address between the Quotation Symbols in the Search Box.
"698 NW York Dr, Bend, OR 97701"
Write down how many Results they have. Keep a record and run this and check back monthly or quarterly to see if they are increasing their citations. Also take a look at the citations they have, you might not be in a directory that they are listed in, when you find directories you are not listed in, go to that site and create an account with them to create a profile.

Repeat the above step with your Local Phone Number and Company Name.
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