03. Setup Google+ Local

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Create Local Business Listing


  1. Create Google+ Local Account
  2. goto: www.google.com/placesforbusiness
  3. Click on: Sign up for a new Google Account


  4. After entering the required information to create your Google Account

  5. Enter your Local Business Phone Number
  6. Click: Find business information >>
  7. Fill in your Basic Information
  8. Country
    - Select which Country your business resides in.
  9. Company/Organization
    - List your company name (Name that you are trying to Brand)
  10. Street Address
    - Office physical location (Be consistent, if you use Street or St. or East or E.)
  11. City/Town
    - List the city your Office is resides in.
  12. State
    - List the State your Office resides in.
  13. Zip/Postal Code
    - List your Zip Code (Check to see if you list xxxxx or xxxxx-xxxx)
  14. Main Phone
    - List your Local Office Phone Number
  15. Email Address
    - List the email address where someone constantly monitors it.
  16. Website
    - List your Digital Insurance Office Domain Name
  17. Description
    - 200 Characters or Less, describe your company and how long your Company has been around

  18. Categories
    - List your top 5 Services
    • Auto Insurance Agency
    • Home Insurance Agency
    • ...Insurance Agency
    • ...Insurance Agency
    • ...Insurance Agency
  19. Service Areas & Location Settings
    - Choose which one is applicable to your office.
  20. Hours of Operations
    - List the times and days you are open and closed
  21. Payment Options
    - List the type of payments you are able to receive
  22. Photos
    - Post photo’s and add captions to each photo.
  23. Videos
    - Link your YouTube Account to your Google Places
  24. Additional Information
    - List Additional Information
    • Carriers
    • Employees
    • Professional Associations
    • Digital Insurance Office URL
    • etc...
  25. Make sure you request a POSTCARD from Google to verify your location. This will also verify you are the owner of the Places Account so no one can modify or take over your account.


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