Should I use Yelp's Paid Service?

Lucas Jans -


At Boot Camp you showed a client that was doing good with Yelp. I’ve been working with them over the last few months trying to decide whether I should spend extra money to advertise with them. The agent that you mentioned in your presentation – do you know if they pay for a listing with Yelp or are they doing it by the free listing? Do you think it is worth the money to sign up with Yelp? With all of the SEO efforts that I’m doing  – wasn’t sure if it is worth spending extra money with Yelp. What do you think?


I have yet to see anyone use Yelp's paid service. WHINS Insurance built up there 59 reviews and #1 ranking on Yelp only with the organic service. Its possible they could see more action from the paid service. Its possible that the paid service might help you get more reviews. 

I think that when people see the advertisement they may be a bit more skeptical than when someone achieves the number one spot naturally. When people find WHINS through Yelp, they already have a lot of trust in WHINS because of that top ranking.

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