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Post From Google+ to Twitter to Facebook

  1. Go to to link Google+ to Twitter.
  2. Fill out the provided form.
    • When asked for your URL, retrieve it by clicking on your profile image on Google+ page, located in upper right corner. The URL starts with “”, followed with a sequence of numbers before ending in “/posts”. Copy and then paste the URL into the first Manage Filter field.
    • It will also ask you to sign in for your Twitter page. Input your Twitter username and password when asked.
    • Optional: Enable advance settings that allow you to use tags and be able to only share Google+ posts including the tag #twt; you have the option to add “G+” to the start of tweets to trace where the message originally came from.
  3. Connect your Twitter to Facebook is a separate process but once done, everything posted in Twitter shows up on Facebook.
    1. Log in to your Facebook and open the Twitter application page.
    2. Link Twitter to your Facebook. You might be asked to sign into Twitter if you’re not already logged in.
    3. Remember, you’ll have full control of the options for enabling hashtags and rules for what should be automatically re posted from Twitter to Facebook.
  4. The process should now be done. Moving forward, everything you post on Google+ will appear on all three sites (following any unique rules you’ve also implemented, if any).

There might be a couple delays on the posts you made from Google+ to Twitter, this is because Google+ lacked API for this. However, when your post already showed up in Twitter-it will automatically appear in Facebook. If you post long messages or status update in Google+, Twitter will establish a link back to Google+.

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    Tammy Lesueur



    Thanks this really helped. Now need to pull my personal facebook off google plus and add the business page

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