How To Create A Facebook Tab Landing Page

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How To Create A Facebook Tab Landing Page

What is a Facebook Tab Landing Page?

A landing page is a page that people who visit your Facebook Page will see first, which is important because you can then direct them to click on the ‘like button’ at the top, which isn’t so obvious if you just send people to your wall. Using a landing page can drastically increase your conversions and explode your Facebook fan count.


Sign into Facebook as the Administrator for your Business Page.

Make sure you are on your Business Page

In the "Search" box at the top of your screen, type: Static Iframe Tab

Click on: Static Iframe Tabs




Click on: Install Page Tab




Click the drop down box/menu, and select your Business Page




Now click: Add Static Iframe Tab




Click on: Settings




On this page, you can use: URL, Redirect, Image, or HTML -- When using HTML you can use anything you can use on a regular webpage. That being said, you can go to one of your Landing Pages (from your website or engine/sendpepper) and grab the source code from that page and insert it into the fields on the Static Iframe Tab.

If you select Image, you will need to keep the image under 400kb in file dimensions and no wider than 520px wide.

If you choose to use URL, you can paste in the URL of the page you want to promote/show and put in how many pixels tall you want to show on that page.

After you have completed your Tab Settings, click on Save Settings.




Where Do I Find The Source Code?

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to click: View >> Source.

If you are using Firefox or Google Chrome, you will need to click CTRL+U on your keyboard.

Only copy the section that you want to show on your Facebook Tabs Landing Page. When you find the section of code you want, Click and drag your mouse (highlight) over the entire section of code you want. Copy your highlighted selection. Now go back to your Facebook Static HTML: iframe tabs page and paste in your code. You can always view what your Tab will look like.

Almost Done...

We're almost done, now your new Tab is labeled as "Welcome". If you want to change the name of this tab, make sure you are on your homepage/wall of your Business Page. Click on The Down Arrow Next To Your Facebook Tab's..




Hover over the Facebook Tab you just created, and click the Pencil Icon. Then click: Edit Settings




Scroll down till you find the Static Iframe Tab app, click on Edit Settings and give it a new name. Click Save then Okay





CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have created your Facebook Tab Landing Page

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