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Ahmed Zeeshan has been putting out some amazing content on Google+ lately.  GPlusInfo already shown you his creative use of Circles, along with his take on Google+ for the average Facebook user.

Now he’s back with what he calls the Google+ Starter Pack.  It’s an impressive list of instructions and tips to help a new user get started.  I’ll post the current content of it here, but I strongly recommend you visit his Google+ post for the latest info.

Dear Fellow +ers,

Hello and Welcome to the next sensational product on the internet! Google+ is packed with features to make your online social experience more enjoyable and manageable. This Starter Pack is designed to make you feel right at home with your new g+ social account. The guide is divided into five main sections:

Structure of G+ | Friends on G+ | Privacy | Who to Follow | Invite new Friends

Structure of Google+
When you login to G+ for the first time, you will be brought to the welcome page: http://i.imgur.com/IXYEe.png. At the top of your page you will see 4 buttons next to the Google+ logo. These buttons divide g+ into 4 main parts:

- This page is very similar to your news feed on facebook. On the left you can choose to look at different news feeds (streams) of your friends lists (circles)
- In the left sidebar you will see the Google Talk widget that you can use to chat with your friends. You can do 2-way video calls with it too.
- Again on the left, you will see a block titled Sparks. With sparks you can get interest-based content from the internet through google.
- On the right you can click the green button to start a Hangout. Hangouts allow you to have 10-way group video calls… Yes, you can have a video call with upto 10 people at the same time on google+ all for free!!
- You can share any type of media with the Share Box in the center of the page.

- This section of google+ presents you with photos of you and your friends arranged in a neat and elegant portfolio
- You can create albums here and share them
- All your photos are stored on Google Picasa where you get unlimited storage space
- Your photos are stored and displayed in a very high resolution and quality unlike facebook
- You can edit/tag your photos and add stunning effects to them from within google+

- Your profile page has everything about you
- The page is further divided into 6 sub-sections: Posts, About, Photos, Videos, +1s, Buzz
- Click on the blue Edit Profile button at the top right to begin setting up your profile
- Use the View Profile As field to see how your profile will look to other people depending on your privacy settings

- This section allows you to manage all your online social relationships
- The idea behind circles is that you share different information with different social circles based on your relationship with them in real-life. Google+ circles allow you to build the same relationships online
- In a way, circles are similar to friend lists on facebook but they are far easier to manage
- Create, edit, rename and delete circles from within this section easily
- Select, drag and drop friends into circles according to your preferences

Friends on Google+
- With google+ you don’t need to wait for someone to accept your friend request
- Simply move your mouse over a person’s name and add them to your Circles. Now, whenever that person shares content publicly or directly with you, you will see it in your Stream section.
- If that person also adds you to their circles, then they will see your content in their Steam that you share publicly or with the circle that you’ve added them to.
- So if someone is following you and you don’t know them, then you need not worry because you don’t have to add them to your circles and they will only see what you share publicly with the whole internet i.e. If you share something with your circles exclusively then theywon’t see it.

Privacy on Google+
- Here on g+, your data is your own. You can download all of your content on plus thanks to the Data Liberation offered by google:https://plus.google.com/settings/exportdata
- You don’t need to follow people you don’t know and consequently they will not see information that you share exclusively with your circles or specific people.

Who to follow on Google+
Since g+ is still in field trial, you won’t find all your friends on here… but don’t feel let down by that. The beauty of g+ lies in its community which you can easily be a part of. Here are a bunch of people that you should add to your relevant circles to bring your Stream to life. These +ers share exciting content publicly that will enhance your g+ experience:

- Google+ Team: +Vic Gundotra +Natalie Villalobos +Matt Cutts +Bradley Horowitz +Frances Haugen

- Google+ Tips: +Jacqueline Passey Mason +Mickey Mellen

- Influential: +Robert Scoble +Ben Parr +Tom Anderson +Brian Swetland

- For LOLs, Awesomeness and Geekiness: +Chris Pirillo +Felicia Day +Alida Brandenburg +Randall Munroe

- Mouthwatering Photography: +Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Lauren D Rogers +David Hunter +Colby Brown

How to invite your friends to Google+
- In your Stream section, in the right side-bar you can see the option of sending invites directly to your friends:http://i.imgur.com/PF0c9.png
- If you don’t see the above option, you can send invites indirectly by sending a message from google+ directly to your friend’s Gmail address. Once they get the message, they will be able to join. If they can’t then ask them to try again in a few hours and it will work:http://bit.ly/q7AMRV

That is all you need to know to setup a profile on Google+ and to become an integral part of the social network.

Optionally, if you’re looking for some further excellent #plustips that can fully exploit the power hidden in Google+ then I suggest reading the following posts:
- Google+ for the average facebook user - http://bit.ly/gb_fb
- Circles: Dividing, Nesting and Prioritizing - http://bit.ly/gpcircles
- Use tagline as a status message - http://bit.ly/nBhjaI
- Copy one circle into another circle - http://bit.ly/rh1AuS

I hope that helped you settle right in to the Google+ Community. If you found this guide useful, then please share it with your friends to help them out too.

If you have any questions or need help with any g+ features, please bug me anytime.

+Ahmed Zeeshan


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Are you addicted to Google+ like millions of others early adopters? Do you spend your Saturday nights hanging out in Google+ Hangouts?

You’re not alone. As Google releases more invites to its social network, more people are trying to learn the ins-and-outs of the Google+ ecosystem. We’ve already taught you how to upload iPhone photos to Google+, make a Google+ desktop app and get your own Google+ vanity URL, but there’s still a lot to Google+ ewe haven’t mastered yt.

That’s why we were excited when we stumbled across a Google+ cheat sheet, whose origin we’ve traced to Google+ user Simon Laustsen. The cheat sheet includes most of the common syntax, hotkeys and tips you need to know to use Google+ like a pro.

We’ve embedded the English version of the cheat sheet below. If you’re one of our many international readers, we have good news for you: it’s been translated into a dozen languages already.

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