Link Building

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Link Building (Video)

Competitive Research (Video)

Also look at the list below to get ideas and source of where to start asking for links.

  • City government pages, including
    • Official city website
    • Libraries
    • Chambers of commerce
    • City council sites
  • Donate to local charities and nonprofits and ask for a link in return
  • Local clubs, organizations, and groups
  • Create interesting blog content
  • Ask your carriers and partners
  • From your community organizations
  • Top commercial clients
  • Industry affinities
  • Government Links are Gold!
  • Write an article for a local newspaper or hyperlocal blog
  • Give a testimonial for a vendor and get a link in return!
  • [city] insurance blog
  • Local directories (There are thousands, unique to each community)
  • About Buying Links...(Ask Our Managing SEO Director)
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