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Modify Meta Tags (Video)

Meta Tags are important to help in rankings, relevance, and letting the searcher know why they should come to your website.

After you’ve done your “Keyword Research” you should create your Title Tag, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords for each page. To access your Title Tag, you will need to Login to your DIO (website).


  • Scroll down to the bottom of your DIO, and in the left corner of your site, click Login.



  • You will then need to login with your Username/Password.




  • Go to the webpage you want to modify or create your Title Tag, Meta Description, Meta Keywords.
  • Click on “EDIT” in the top left corner of your DIO.




  • Now you can modify/create your Meta Tags.




  • Your Title Tag should be about 70 Characters in length and should be localized to your city(s) and/or state, should also include your Brand Name
  • Meta Description should be around 155 characters long and let the people know what they will receive by going to your website.
  • Meta Keywords should be a mirror image of your title tag with an addition of 4 more keywords max. (You do not want to get penalized for listing too many keywords. This is considered “Keyword Spamming”)


After you finish creating your Meta Tags, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update”.




Next step: Modify/Create Content

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    Aaron Park

    It looks like our based website design is meta tagged already!

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    Kevin Chow

    I pre-optimize your site before it goes live.

    These documents are made so if you want to change them yourselves.

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